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Folding Sight Kit-green View full size

Folding Sight Kit-green

Engineered and developed by Emtan Karmiel LTD

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CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and metal. Its unique rail locking system will not loosen from recoil and vibration. Positively locks into "Up" position. Cannot be pushed or locked down accidentally. Can be easily deployed by left-handed or right-handed shooters Sight design is the same as the M4 iron sights.

Rear SightSpecial tools are not required to adjust the sight (cartridge rim or coin). Two apertures, large for fast close range and small for precision longer range engagements Weighs only 53.86 grams.

Front SightAK type sight hood Square post sight Weighs only 45.94 grams.

  • Weight 99.8 grams